Conversations with Gaia

Residency with Rochester Square Studios.

Earth to Earth, Conversations with Gaia invites the public to pilgrimage to the Earth Vessel and send their conversations with Gaia into the earth.
The vessel is made from London clay excavated in Camden, and stands in a small woodland area in Gillespie Ecological Park.
Clay tokens are nearby so that you can drop them into the vessel with your thoughts, confessions, apologies, gratitude, love and other personal conversations to listening Gaia. The tokens show the development of 'Ki' - (Earth) in Mesopotamian cuneiform, the earliest written language. I have turned the cuneiform back into tokens to send back into the earth.  
Let us recognise the Earth as Ki*, as sentient and animate, as more than the object that we colonise and take from with no gratitude and no empathy.
The vessel and the tokens are unfired, and so as time passes and the weather happens, the vessel will slowly crumble and sink into the ground, taking your tokens and conversations into itself.

What do you want to say to Gaia? .