Scroll Walks

From Plague to Protest 2020

Lockdown Loop 2020

Art journalism in a time of disconnect.

How do we connect in a time when fear permeates closeness, when rules are laid down globally enforcing physical distance from the people we encounter? How can the emotions of a journey be captured? The transition of time be relayed, and the ongoing connection between self and environment, the mind/nature loop. Eyes observe, mind directs the body, hands draw, feet walk forwards, ground resists, we move forwards.
A continuous drawing of a journey, a translation of an experience, a record of a passage, a visual representation of a relationship with temporality.
The Scroll Walks create a juncture between an encounter with time, through time and in being with both a changing environment and the people met along the journey. Each scroll encompasses a glimpse into the experiences of other people, their position in the unfolding and the unavoidable interconnectedness we are all a part of. The scroll becomes an object of exchange, the artist presents an action, translated through body to physical drawing, and in exchange for stories. The exchange acts as an offering, a poignant moment of trust. Listen, record, retell. Learn, empathise, connect, remember.