Listen To Us

Installation as part of Bern69

Humanity has progressed down a path in which we have divided ourselves from nature- our technological progression has created vast global connections, allowing us to analyse and interrogate our scientific link to the natural world, however the more screens we put between ourselves and our environments, the more we separate ourselves from the feeling of actually growing from the earth. The great divide between where we are now and achieving what we need to save the planet, lies in a feeling of connectedness with the natural world.
As the tree moves, the chimes speak up on behalf of the tree, drawing us to listen and to pay attention to the movement of the tree. This installation draws passers by into creating a musical conversation with the tree, through interaction with the sculpture.
Bronze chimes cast in the artist’s portable foundry, ceramic chimes fired at Standpoint Gallery, all. from imprints of tree bark, highlighting the beauty of the tree’s details.